Delivering Engaged Customers

Using data to identify audiences, optimize media buying, personalize ad experiences and maximize incremental revenue for our clients for over 20 years. Our global presence allows us to engage and influence consumers worldwide.


Now in its second decade, Grant Marketing has been delivering new customers and incremental revenue for clients with no upfront cost to them. Working under a cost per acquisition model, our clients only pay us for actual results. Unlike an agency model which charges based on a percentage of spend, plus the advertising budget, there is zero cost to the client unless we deliver results. Grant Marketing spends its own advertising dollars to drive you customers, and you only pay for those delivered. For our clients, its a risk-free way to drive additional revenue without additional ad spend.

Working with a who's who of consumer focused companies, Grant Marketing knows how to deliver results through a mix of online strategies that have been proven for years. Take the next step and see what we can do for you.s

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is an integral part of a successful lead generation marketing campaign because it defines the processes we employ to generate interest, traffic, and—ultimately—clients and revenue for your business. Grant Marketing stands apart from the competition because we take the time to figure out exactly what your customers are looking for and tailor your campaign to address these needs.

Using a variety of methods, including online participation, search engine optimization, article syndication, etc, Grant Marketing will create a comprehensive strategy to increase the amount of customers acquired for your business. We work with you to target specificways you would like to focus on customer acquisition so that your leads are coming from sources you’re completely aware of and excited about.


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